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Domestic Operations

"Galaxy Asset Management and Carval Partner to Manage Investments In Consumer Loan Portfolios In the U.S."


"Galaxy implements Latitude Software's suite of collection and debt management tools."


International Operations

"Galaxy purchases an interest in International Risk Management..."


A higher level of Receivables Management Services.


Galaxy Asset Management, LLC is a global receivables asset purchasing company. Our team evaluates prospective opportunities, and based on market conditions, is able to react quickly to ensure the highest possible value.

  Debt Purchasing

We evaluate all assets considered for purchase based on factors unique to each deal. Let our team of industry experts evaluate your next portfolio of delinquent consumer or commercial accounts.

  Superior Networking

We utilize an international network of agencies and attorneys to maximize collection efforts.

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Galaxy Asset Management

 Our mission is to provide the highest possible return on equity to our investors.

"A World of Difference"